Expert Mattress Cleaning Harrow

mattress cleaning services in HarrowYou want to keep your mattress hygienic & clean? A delicate matter, for which Tyler’s Cleaners offers the perfect solution for you. We are small but fully professional cleaning service company, situated in Harrow. Ensure your precious sleep time, by choosing the right answer. Our professional mattress cleaners will get the job done in no time, despite the provocative beliefs. Gaining experience through the hundred of cleaning encounters have helped us in many situations. We will present you a various number of mattress cleaning methods & techniques.

  • No drying time required most of the time
  • Pillows and duvets included
  • All types of bacteria, viruses and dust mites are treated
  • Exclusive 1-hour-cleaning option

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Mattress Cleaning Techniques

We will make a quick assessment in order to evaluate the conditions. It is required so that we could choose the best possible solutions. After that our mattress cleaning teams will proceed accordingly. Tyler’s Cleaners would opt for the proper Prochem detergent. We only use the latest and approved liquids. Here are the 2 possible choices.

  • Steam Mattress Cleaning – especially useful for water resistant materials and substances. A careful pre-treatment substance is used in order to ease the process of cleaning. A custom shampoo or foam is utilised. The newly formed layer is then extracted using hot water. All of the possible bacteria and unpleasant smell are successfully terminated for a minimal amount of time. The fibre are also protected for a reasonable period. It is also effective against dirt, fungal spores and bed bugs.
  • Dry Mattress Cleaning – the second possible choice is to use high-intensity UV light combined with a powerful suction. Quite good option for most hotels, hostels, care homes, etc. The drying process is shorten significantly. Mattress removal is not necessary at all. This system is 100% natural. Your pillows or duvets could also be treated.

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